2021 Fees Information

Department of Education and Training (DET) provides per capita funding as a contribution towards the cost of providing a four-year-old kindergarten program. The service is responsible for all costs.

Fees and fundraising are necessary because there is a shortfall between the level of government funding and the cost of operating a viable kindergarten.

Concession Rates — Four Year Old Program Only

A parent / guardian or child who holds a current Health Care Card / Pension concession card or Visa 447, 451, 85, or 786 or Dept Veterans Affairs Gold card are all eligible for 100 percent reduction of term fees for the four year old kindergarten program only. A copy of this documentation must be sighted by the Treasurer or a nominated representative of the Kindergarten prior to the start of each term. Copies can be made at the Kindergarten.

Concession Rates — Three Year Old Program Only

The three year old kindergarten program supports a concession for Early Start Kinder only.

Early Start Kindergarten is a funding program that enables three-year-old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and children known to Child Protection to attend a kindergarten program that is planned and delivered by an early childhood teacher for up to 15 hours per week. More information is available at www.education.vic.gov.au

Fee Structure

A child can only attend one kinder program per year.

2021 Fees for 4 Year Old Funded Kindergarten

Yearly Fee (Full)

Fee Per Term

Yearly Fee (Conc)




(Full Fee Subsidy for eligible Health Care / Pensioner / Concession Card Holders)

Other Charges

$50 Maintenance Levy in Term 1 only**

$50 Non Refundable Enrolment Application Fee*

Kindergarten fee subsidy

Families who are eligible for the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy (to read to our Fees Policy click here) will not be required to make fee payments but are still required to pay the Enrolment Fee and Maintenance Levy.

2021 Fees for 3 Year Old Kindergarten

Fee Per Term

Yearly Fee (Full)

Yearly Fee (Conc)

Other Charges



$50 Non Refundable Enrolment Application Fee*

$50 Maintenance Levy in Term 1 only**


(For families eligible for Early Start Kindergarten Fee Subsidy)

Early Start Kindergarten fee subsidy

Families who are eligible for the Early Start Kindergarten fee subsidy (to read to our Fees Policy click here​) will not be required to make fee payments but are still required to pay the Enrolment Fee and Maintenance Levy.

Payment of fees

Invoices will be issued and must be paid by the due date. Parents/guardians will be given 28 days notice (previously 14 days) to pay their fees before the due date.

Payments can be made via internet transfer:

Ness Reserve Preschool

BSB 633 000

Account number 128040367

Please pay as soon as possible. Include your child’s surname and group in the description, and place a receipt in the fees box at kinder.

*Kindergarten non-refundable enrolment application fee

This payment covers the cost of processing the enrolment and is NOT deducted from term fees.

**Refundable maintenance levy

The $50 maintenance levy to be paid in term 1, will be taken off term 4 fees if 2 working bees or specified activities have been attended for 3 Year Old Kinder Families and 3 working bees or specified activities have been attended for 4 Year Old Kinder Families.
Alternatively the levy is also refundable if you are an active participant on the committee of management.

Late collection charge

The Committee of Management reserves the right to implement a late collection charge when parents/guardians are frequently late in collecting a child (refer to Fee information for families).

Children turning three during the year

Full payment from the first day of Term 1 is required if a place is to be reserved for a child in the three-year-old kindergarten program. Children can only commence the program when they have turned three.