Our Philosophy

Play, learn and grow... together!
Each child is an individual and their thoughts and ideas are valued and respected.
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We recognise that all families are children’s first teachers and we will support this by developing meaningful relationships with families, respecting their decisions, values, beliefs and requests including cultural diversity.

We acknowledge families operate within a community and that part of our role as educators is to enhance the child’s sense of belonging and we will embrace the characteristics of our community.

Families, committee and staff will work together to achieve positive outcomes in our shared environment. We will all work together to uphold the philosophy whilst recognising the individuality of each group.

We encourage children to be critical thinkers, persistent and active learners.

As educators we believe that children learn through play and we will give children the opportunities to engage in a range of learning experiences incorporating both indoor and outdoor activities, periods of uninterrupted play, stimulating open ended activities that extend children’s interests and provide a range of learning opportunities.

We will build on the relationships children have with their family by being available for discussion and learning about the child’s family background.

As educators we believe sustainability is an important part of our children’s future and we will encourage the children to learn, respect and embrace their environment.

As a preschool community we acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the land that we work and play on and will strive to learn about and imbed aspects of indigenous culture within our curriculum.

As educators we believe that all children should be treated equally recognising that each child is unique. We will do this by providing a safe, nurturing, secure, supported and stimulating environment that accommodates and embraces differences.

As educators we will reflect on the children’s interests and learning through observing and documenting to ensure that each child reaches their full potential. We recognise that interactions between staff and children are pivotal to providing a program that achieves the best outcomes for children. As professionals we will engage in critical reflection to ensure we continually improve our skills, knowledge and approaches to early childhood education.

Ness Reserve Preschool is committed to providing a child safe environment through adherence to our child safe policies and procedures.


Ness Reserve Preschool is proud to be rated exceeding National Quality Standards in all seven quality areas.

-Educational program & practice 

-Physical environment

-Children’s health & safety   
-Governance & leadership
-Staffing arrangements   
-Relationships with children
-Collaborative partnerships with

  families & communities