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About Us


At Ness Reserve Pre-School we create an inviting, secure and happy environment by fostering positive and respectful relationships with children, families and the local community.  We offer a high quality educational program for children aged 3-5 years and provide a happy and relaxed environment where each child is valued as an individual.  

Within our kindergarten program we nurture children’s independence and agency and place emphasis on providing a stimulating environment and a warm, positive atmosphere where children can develop confidence, curiosity, and sense of belonging.   Through our observations of and interactions with children, families and the local community we are able to plan and adapt a kindergarten program that best reflects the interests, ideas and developmental needs of the children in each group.

We are excited to be able to offer a Bush Kinder Program for both our three and four year old kindergarten groups.  This program is held offsite and provides valuable opportunities for all children to take the lead in playing, exploring and learning within the local bush environment.  

The program runs every Wednesday between the months of April and November.  As children engage in this program and deepen their connections with the natural environment they develop positive dispositions for learning through first hand experiences they develop curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, persistence and above all a love of learning. 

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