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Our Program

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At Ness Reserve Pre-school we believe that children learn best through play and our activities and experiences are developed with this in mind.  Our programs are designed to encourage curiosity in all children and to inspire them to take on new challenges and reach new achievement in a safe and secure environment.  

At Ness Reserve Pre-School we are passionate about creating a secure environment where are children feel welcome and appreciated.   Our play-based program is designed to encourage children to explore, problem-solve, communicate openly with peers and teachers, think, create, learn and have fun.  Our teaching staff aim to encourage children to experience wonder and develop a love of learning. At Ness Reserve Pre-School we foster children wellbeing and self-confidence as this is something that they will carry with them into school and throughout life. 

A Bush Kindergarten program will be run during the Wednesday sessions between April and November (outside of this time the sessions will be held onsite at Ness-Reserve Pre-School.  This program will provide valuable opportunities for children to explore the natural local environment and will be held in all weather with the exceptions of severe weather conditions (i.e. electrical storms, forecast temperatures of over 36 degrees Celsius, winds forecast at a speed in excess of 45 kms an hour).  In these instances the bush kinder program will be cancelled and the session will take place onsite.


Ness Reserve Pre-School is excited to be able to offer all children enrolled in the service access to a 15 hour kindergarten program. 

In aiming to provide flexibility to best suit the needs of children and their families we offer the opportunity for children enrolled in our three year old program to gradually work their way up to the full 15 hours. 

If you feel your child would benefit from gradually working up to the full 15 hours you can opt to attend two five hour sessions and increase to the full 15 hours in consultation with our incredible teaching team at Ness. 

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Kindergarten Fees

Starting in 2023, Kinder will be free for all children, so no term fees will apply.

Please note that your child can only be funded for a kindergarten place at one service at any one time. Your child can be funded for only one year of three and four year old kindergarten after which they will transition to either the four year old program or school (unless your child is assessed as being eligible for a second funded year by your child’s kindergarten teacher).

Extended Care

In 2024 we will be offering an extended care program where you can choose for your child to attend one or two sessions a week. Extended care will be charged at $250 a term for one session or $500 a term for 2 sessions a week.


Enrolments are through Nillumbik Council.  Once we receive confirmation of accepted places families will be emailed further enrolment information including information relating to our AGM which is held in November each year. 

For more information about Ness Reserve Pre-School please contact our Pre-School Teaching Team by phone 9438 4800 or email or our Enrolment Officer at

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